is a solution currently being developed for scanning wounds with software for fusion of thermographic and photographic images and making 3D contours of wounds. Improving the diagnosis of hard-to-heal wounds and optimizing treatment processes is a priority of the project.

The Wound Scanning device will allow analysis of the wound field in three spectra:

Stereometric or laser

for measuring wound depth

Visible light

using a standard video camera


using the FLIR camera

The treatment of chronic wounds is complex, time-consuming and often expensive.
Therefore, it is important to diagnose the cause of the difficulty in healing a difficult-to-heal wound in order to act causally rather than taking purely symptomatic action. Especially as it is believed that no venous or arterial ulceration will heal spontaneously without appropriate treatment. The same applies to wounds and ulcers in diabetic foot syndrome or others.

The highly miniaturised device will be capable of multimodal imaging of hard-to-heal wounds.
It is important to note that scanning the wound with the device is done in a non-contact manner, making the procedure sterile, hygienic and pain-free for the patient, while at the same time providing a fast acquisition process.

The spectrum of imaging capabilities
of the scanner are:
• hard-to-heal wounds,
• post-operative wounds,
• diabetic foot,
• bedsores
• burns,
• ulcers,
• oncological lesions

The wide range of analysis determines the applicability of the device to many areas of medicine:

Rigid and soft surgery